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OriginallyYoung Sportswear

A brand for athletes who live to play; the type of athletes who are always either going-to or coming-from the gym + want clothing that reflects their love for sports.  We exist to keep all current and former players connected to their identity as athletes through a sports-inspired style - with a primary focus on women who play sports. Ultimately, our mission is to influence society to judge female athletes by their achievements, not by their gender.


About OriginallyYoung Sportswear

About the Founder

Esther Wallace, OriginallyYoung FounderArt came before basketball for OriginallyYoung founder Esther Wallace. But, once she played for the first time in high school, she never looked back. After 4 years at the NCAA Division I level + 1 year overseas, Wallace decided to combine her passion for both art + basketball as an entrepreneur. It was while working on her master's thesis titled Sports Bras + Spandex, that the idea to start a sportswear brand for women who play traditionally masculine sports first came about. Every design has been inspired by Wallace's experiences as an athlete + the players + coaches who have been a part of her journey: "I've met some phenomenal women who play, including teammates + competition. They are the reason I started OriginallyYoung Sportswear - because they deserve apparel that's actually about sports; apparel that reflects their personality. Sure, sports bras + spandex are cool, but what about sportswear that expresses the hunger and passion of competitive athletes? What about inspiring the next generation of girls who don't already recognize what they could become through sports? This is for the former, the current, + the future women of sports; the strong, the bold, + the under-represented." - Esther Wallace, Founder